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Based on the video, Incorporating race and culture with other aspects of identity, how do you think that our race and culture impact our identity? How does this, in turn, affect self-esteem? Do you believe your race and/or culture has had an impact on your own self esteem?


Erikson introduced the idea of an “identity crisis” and James Marcia built on this work, defining four identity statuses (identity achievement, moratorium, identity foreclosure, and identity diffusion). Although your textbook briefly introduces Marcia’s work, it may be helpful to seek some outside information and to view this additional resource from youtubeLinks to an external site. for further clarification. After familiarizing yourself with the four statuses, choose a fictional character and share which identity status you believe they are in and why. 

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Incorporating race and culture with other aspects of identity has a significant impact on our overall identity. Our race and culture shape our beliefs, values, and experiences, which in turn influence how we perceive ourselves and others. These factors contribute to the development of our self-identity. For example, being part of a particular racial or ethnic group may lead to a sense of belonging and cultural pride, while experiences of discrimination or cultural conflict can create challenges and impact self-esteem.

The influence of race and culture on self-esteem can vary depending on one’s personal experiences and societal context. Individuals who have positive experiences and a strong connection with their racial or cultural background may experience greater self-esteem. On the other hand, individuals who face systemic discrimination or cultural dissonance may struggle with self-esteem. Moreover, cultural standards of beauty or societal stereotypes can also impact self-esteem, especially if they do not align with an individual’s racial or cultural background.

As a medical professor, it is important to recognize and address the impact of race and culture on the identity and self-esteem of medical college students. Encouraging diversity and inclusivity within the curriculum, fostering open discussions, and promoting cultural competency can contribute to a positive learning environment and students’ overall well-being.

Erikson’s concept of an “identity crisis” and James Marcia’s identity statuses provide a framework for understanding how individuals navigate and develop their identities. After familiarizing myself with the four identity statuses (identity achievement, moratorium, identity foreclosure, and identity diffusion), I would like to choose a fictional character, Harry Potter, and discuss his identity status.

Based on my analysis, I believe that Harry Potter can be identified as being in the identity moratorium stage. Throughout the series, Harry continuously explores different aspects of his identity, particularly his role as “the chosen one” and his connection to Lord Voldemort. He grapples with questions of his own identity, constantly searching for answers and seeking guidance. Harry experimentally engages in various activities, mentors, and relationships, as he tries to define his purpose and place in the magical world. His ongoing journey of self-discovery, without fully committing to a specific identity, aligns with the characteristics of the identity moratorium status.

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