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For the last discussion of this course, please discuss your thoughts on nursing theory topics covered this semester, and identify which specific nursing theory you believe to be most relevant to your current practice and/or future career as an advanced practice nurse. Please do 250 world, apa style. Attach is the reflection thta you did. Pick one of the theory and write about it.

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Throughout the semester, we have delved into various nursing theory topics that have provided us with a deeper understanding of the nursing profession. These theories have offered valuable insights into the practice of nursing and have equipped us with the necessary knowledge to excel as advanced practice nurses. In this reflection, I will discuss my thoughts on the nursing theory topics covered during this semester and identify the specific nursing theory that I find most relevant to my current practice and future career as an advanced practice nurse.

Among the nursing theories covered this semester, the one that I find most relevant to my current practice and future career as an advanced practice nurse is the Humanistic Nursing Theory, also known as the Human Care Theory by Jean Watson. This theory emphasizes the importance of establishing a caring and empathetic relationship between the nurse and the patient, as well as recognizing the holistic nature of human beings.

As an advanced practice nurse, my primary goal is to provide comprehensive and patient-centered care. The Humanistic Nursing Theory aligns perfectly with this goal, as it emphasizes the crucial role of the nurse in promoting healing through caring relationships. This theory recognizes that patients are not merely individuals with physical ailments, but rather whole beings with emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs.

By implementing the principles of the Humanistic Nursing Theory, I can establish a therapeutic alliance with my patients, fostering trust and open communication. This theory reminds me to take into account the patient’s unique experiences, values, and beliefs when developing a care plan. It encourages me to consider the patient’s subjective experiences of illness and suffering, allowing me to provide compassionate and holistic care.

Furthermore, the Humanistic Nursing Theory emphasizes the importance of self-care for nurses. It reminds me to reflect on my own values, attitudes, and beliefs, ensuring that they align with the principles of caring. By practicing self-care, I can ensure that I am in the best position to provide high-quality care to my patients.

In conclusion, the Humanistic Nursing Theory is the most relevant nursing theory to my current practice and future career as an advanced practice nurse. Its focus on establishing caring relationships, recognizing the holistic nature of individuals, and promoting self-care resonates with my goals as a healthcare professional. By incorporating the principles of this theory into my practice, I aim to provide compassionate, patient-centered care and contribute to the overall well-being of my patients.

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