Feasibility of Your Design Proposal and Importance of Communication Nursing Assignment Help

Now that you have identified your capstone change project, it is time to look at its feasibility.

  • What tangible and intangible resources will be needed to implement your project?
  • What improved outcomes do you anticipate will occur that could indicate the project produced a successful return on investment (ROI) of these resources?
  • How will you communicate your plan for change with key decision makers so that they will support the allocation of the resources you are seeking?    
  • American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing: Scope and standards of practice (3rd ed.). Silver Spring, MD: Author.
    • Read Societal, Cultural, and Ethical Dimensions, Model of Professional Nursing Practice Regulation, the Code of Ethics for Nurses, Professional Registered Nurses Today: The Who of Nursing, Standard 13. Evidence-based Practice and Research, Standard 14. Quality of Practice, Standard 16. Resource Utilization, pp. 31–45, 77, 79, 82

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In order to address the feasibility of my capstone change project in the medical field, I will discuss the tangible and intangible resources required for implementation, the anticipated improved outcomes that would indicate a successful return on investment (ROI) of these resources, and the plan for communicating the change with key decision makers to secure their support for resource allocation.

1. Tangible and Intangible Resources:
To implement the project, both tangible and intangible resources will be necessary. Tangible resources may include medical equipment, supplies, technology infrastructure, and financial support. These resources are essential for the successful execution of the project, as they directly contribute to the provision of quality healthcare and efficient workflow. On the other hand, intangible resources such as skilled healthcare professionals, expertise, and knowledge play a critical role in ensuring the project’s success. These resources enable the implementation of evidence-based practices, professional competence, and effective decision-making.

2. Anticipated Improved Outcomes:
The goal of my project is to improve patient outcomes and optimize healthcare delivery. By implementing evidence-based practices and utilizing available resources efficiently, I anticipate several improved outcomes. These may include reduced medication errors, decreased healthcare-associated infections, improved patient satisfaction, increased patient safety measures, enhanced efficiency in healthcare processes, and better overall quality of care. These outcomes would indicate a successful ROI of the resources invested in the project, as they demonstrate tangible improvements in patient health and satisfaction.

3. Communicating the Plan for Change:
To secure support and allocate the necessary resources for my project, effective communication with key decision makers is vital. Firstly, I will develop a comprehensive and well-structured plan outlining the project’s objectives, strategies, and expected outcomes. This plan will be tailored to address the specific concerns and priorities of the decision makers. I will then schedule meetings with the key decision makers, such as hospital administrators, department heads, and relevant stakeholders. During these meetings, I will present my plan, highlighting the potential impact of the project on patient outcomes, safety, and overall healthcare quality. I will emphasize the evidence-based nature of the proposed interventions and the potential returns on investment in terms of improved patient satisfaction, reduced healthcare costs, and enhanced reputation of the institution. Additionally, I will provide relevant supporting data, research findings, and examples from other successful implementation of similar projects to emphasize the feasibility and potential benefits of my proposed change. By effectively communicating the value and potential impact of the project, I aim to gain the support and resource allocation needed for its successful execution.

In conclusion, the feasibility of my capstone change project in the medical field relies on a combination of tangible and intangible resources, which are essential for successful implementation. Anticipated improved outcomes, such as improved patient safety, reduced errors, and enhanced overall healthcare quality, will indicate a successful return on investment of these resources. Through effective communication with key decision makers, highlighting the potential impact and value of the project, I aim to secure their support and resource allocation necessary for the project’s implementation.

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