Gatorade- consumer factors

Continue to work on your written report/project that addresses a wide variety of consumer factors in an effort to fully understand the complexities of your client’s consumers. For this second project assignment, you are asked to complete two topic areas. Please attach your first two sections, background data and advertising analysis, for my reference. The following topic areas must be addressed in your report for this project assignment: 3. Attitudes. Examine consumer attitudes toward the product. What is the attitude valence for this product, generally? Are attitudes extreme or moderate? Are they strongly held? How do product attitudes seem to be formed? How are they changed? How do you believe they are structured? Apply one or more attitude models from the textbook, and explain why you believe it fits your product. 4. Decision Making. Examine the consumer decision-making process for your product. What level of involvement do people have? How do people come to the decision to use this product? Apply specific decision rules from the textbook. The Attitudes and Decision Making should both be approximately 2 pages each, double-spaced, with 12-point font and one-inch margins. You are welcome to insert supporting data (i.e. pictures, charts, statistics data) to this assignment

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