Bingham’s Stump speech

Objective: This is an exercise in the skill critical to the historian (and to the twenty-first century citizen): visual analysis. Directions: For this assignment students will read he Expansion of Democracy during the Jacksonian Era, created by America in Class from the National Humanities Center. It can be found online at and it is also attached. It includes several primary source documents that are visual. The close reading questions that appear on the handout will help you to analyze the primary source documents. 2. Analyze and explain in 2-3 paragraphs how Bingham’s Stump Speaking (oil on canvas, 1853-54; image provided in Blackboard) reflects changes that occurred in American politics between the 1820s and 1850s. A thorough analysis requires that you use the evidence available to you and that means you will incorporate your analysis of the other three documents/images into your answer.

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