Meeting with the Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma

 Describe a meeting with Sonia Longo Sormani, Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma (an Italian pharma startup established in 2018) in which she tells about her new company start-up). Develop her narration based on the following: Meeting with Sonia Longo Sormani, Founder & CEO of Aileens Pharma Italian company dedicated to developing non-steroidal and non -pharmacological treatments to improve clinical outcomes in patients with dermatological diseases. Scientists have discovered that on the skin of patients suffering from atopic dermatitis (about 20% of children from six months up in different severity),there is an imbalance in the composition of existing resident skin flora, also called Microbiome. This imbalance can cause the release or overproduction of irritants that can trigger the disease or make it more acute. The active ingredient patented by Aileens Pharma, starting from the isolation of non-pathogenic bacteria, is supposed to act as an homeostatic agent modulating the skin or mucosa microbiome, thus enhancing its natural protective role and treating the atopic dermatitis as well as other types of dermatological disorders. Aileens, led by CEO Sonia Longo Sormani, aims at providing the first non-pharmacological treatment that is able to compete with current pharmacological invasive therapeutic approaches (mainly corticosteroids) which are not well accepted by all patients. Particularly, the solution could fill the existing market gap in pediatric dermatology. Aileens Pharma, an Italian pharma startup, raised 3 million of euros from financial firms Panakes and Invitalia Ventures. Barbara Castellano of Panakes, Svetlana Vashkel of Invitalia, and Maurizio Comini will be Aileens board members alongside Sonia Longo Sormani, the company’s ceo and founder. Write also something on the CEO Sonia Longo Sormani (her professional experiences at linkedIn page is

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