What are some of the biggest issues facing the Texas judicial system

For this assessment, read the following article, and then do online research to answer the following questions: http://www.kut.org/post/5-criminal-justice-issues-texas-lawmakers-are-expected-consider 1.) What are the requirements for running for the various judicial offices in Texas? How do judicial candidates raise money and what type of restrictions or limitations are there with regards to judicial fund raising? How might special interest groups, such as law firms, gain special judicial advantages in judicial hearings? Explain. 2.) What are some of the biggest issues facing the Texas judicial system today? How have these issues been created and what steps are being taken to remedy them? (this can be researched through both the federal and state lens) 3.) Review the following web link: https://innocencetexas.org/. Based on this information, how might wrongful conviction contribute to some of the Texas judicial issues today? Explain. 4.) Per the article, what are some of the problems being considered by the Texas Legislature for their current legislative session? How is the Texas Legislature considering rectifying some of these? 5.) Based on your knowledge of the Texas judicial election system, role of special interests, potential judicial bias based on fund raising dollars, and the various contemporary problems facing our system today, how do you perceive the Texas Judicial system? In an effort to provide fair, unbiased decisions, with minimal to no innocent bystanders, what would be your suggestions for helping to reorganize and restructure our system?

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