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 Assignment 3 Cyril Potter College of Education Home To School Transition (EDU 112) Anthology of Transition Songs and Rhymes (40 marks) Assignment Type: Individual Title: Making Smooth Transitions Transitions occur not only from one setting to another, but also within the setting from one activity to another. Teacher candidates are required to compile an anthology of songs and rhymes that help students become aware of the many transitions that occur in the school setting daily. According to the American dictionary- an anthology is a collection of songs, poems etc by writers. 1. 4 items for transition to Mathematics (8 points) 2. 4 items for transition Language (8 points) 3. 4 items for transition Social Studies (8 points) 4. 4 items for transition Science (8 points) 5. 4 Transition items (8 points) • one for transition from large group to small group • one for transition from school to home, • one for transition from home-to-school, • one for transition to quiet time (in the nursery setting) or before lunch time (in the Primary setting) Points to note • Include at least on original composition of a song or rhyme in each set. • Be sure to label each section. eg: Songs and rhymes for transition to Mathematics (2 points will be awarded for each piece submitted totaling 8 points per set) 

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