Question 1 1) List each of the Core Functions of

Question 1

1) List each of the Core Functions of Public Health and the two levels at the CENTER of the Core Functions of Public Health.

2) Then, under each of the Core Functions of Public Health, list the Essential Services that fall within or “under” that Core Function.


a) IN YOUR OWN WORDS, describe what you think each Essential Service means, and

b) give an example of what that Essential Service is (an example could be a type of service provider, or who performs that service, or a description of a type of that essential service).

Question 2

1) List the Three Classifications of Organizations that help shape public health based on funding sources, responsibilities, and organizational structure.

2) Visit the website of an organization of your choosing from EACH of the three classifications and list/describe the following:

a) Mission statement or purpose of each organization.

b) Scope or reach of each organization (geographically, population-size, organization size, how many served – it could be many different things – you make the call).

c) Governance structure of each organization. For example:

  1. What is the leadership structure?
  2. Where does their funding come from?

d) List some of their services, recent accomplishments, and/or projects!

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