You have been assigned the task of working with a

You have been assigned the task of working with a company that had a traditional, functional organizational structure with sales, marketing, product development, finance and accounting, and operations teams each reporting to a VP, who then reported to the CEO. The company wants to move to a matrix organization that will retain the efficiencies of the functional organization but also groups employees by product teams. You have been asked to comment on how to manage this change and how to communicate and respond to employee concerns. Specifically, you need to address: What are the desired impacts or benefits of this project on the organization? What are the emotions that your employees may have about this organizational change? How could the employee emotions impact the organization or its operations? How can the organization manage these emotions, or in what ways do you think they should manage these emotions to get desired outcome?

Please note the following important standards:

  • Proofread your paper carefully; always use proper grammar and spelling.
  • If a specific question is looking for a qualitative answer, limit your answer to five sentences or less.  Quality over quantity, please!
  • Please place your name, date, and assignment name (Module 5 Assignment) in the heading.  Your assignment must be in Microsoft Word, Time New Roman size 12 font.
  • Any outside sources must be cited properly.  Please use APA formatting.


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