In preparation for this Discussion, explore the Campaign for a


In preparation for this Discussion, explore the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) website as indicated in the Learning  Resources and familiarize yourself with the mission. Also review 2–3 of  the organization’s current social action campaigns. (Note:  You can locate the current campaigns on the home page listed under “The Latest” or from the home page selecting “Get Involved” followed by  “Take Action.”).  Also, view a classic or contemporary animated film marketed to children and/or families such as one produced by Disney, Pixar, or DreamWorks. In particular, one of your (or your families)  favorites. As you critically view this film do so from the perspective of a child and pay close attention to messages embedded in the film that relate to social identifiers such as: class, education-level, gender, ability,  body size, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, accents, hair color,  skin color, and age. Ideas for movies include Frozen, SnowWhite, Shrekek, Finding Demo, or Cinderella

  • The title of the animated movie you viewed
  • The characteristics of the hero\ heroine
  • The characteristics of the hero’s\heroine’s side kick
  • The characteristics of any villains
  • Which social groups were represented and which were missing from, the movie altogether? (For example: did you see varying abilities,  different racial groups or ethnicities? How were various social-economic  classes represented/presented? What about ages? Body size? Gays and/ or  lesbians? Same-sex couples? Transgender individuals? People of  different religions?)
  • How you might feel if you resembled the hero, sidekick, or villain.  How this might shape your worldview of those types of people?
  • Ways can adults help young children critically analyze these stereotypes?

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