For this week’s key term assignment, Do Chapter 1 Review

For this week’s key term assignment,

Do Chapter 1 Review Question # 1.1: Define the following terms: data, database, DBMS, database system, database catalog, program-data independence, user view, DBA, end user, canned transaction, deductive database system, persistent object, meta-data, and transaction-processing application.


Chapter 2 Review question # 2.1: Define the following terms: data model, database schema, database state, internal schema, conceptual schema, external schema, data independence, DDL, DML, SDL, VDL, query language, host language, data sublanguage, database utility, catalog, client/server architecture, three-tier architecture, and n-tier architecture.

Chapter 3 Review question # 3.3: Define the following terms: entity, attribute, attribute value, relationship instance, composite attribute, multivalued attribute, derived attribute, complex attribute, key attribute, and value set (domain).

Chapter 4 Review question # 4.2 Define the following terms: superclass of a subclass, superclass/subclass relationship, IS-A relationship, specialization, generalization, category, specific (local) attributes, and specific relationships.

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