MKT Please answer each question/prompt with at least 3 complete



Please answer each question/prompt with at least 3 complete sentences.

Chapter 6 PowerPoint

–     Explain the three main sources of data that e-marketers use to address research problems.

–     Explain the how and why e-marketers need to check the quality of research data gathered online.

–     Explain why the internet is used as a contact method for primary research and describe the main internet-based approaches to primary research.

Chapter 7 PowerPoint

–     Describe the internet exchange process and the technological, social/cultural and legal context in which consumers participate in this process.

–     Explain the broad individual characteristics, psychology, and consumer resources that consumers bring to the online exchange.

–     Explain the five main categories of outcomes that consumers seek from online exchanges.

Chapter 8 PowerPoint

–     Explain the characteristics of the three major markets for e-business.

–     Explain why and how e-marketers use market segmentation to reach online customers.

Chapter 9 PowerPoint

–     Explain product and describe how it contributes to customer value.

–     Explain how attributes, branding, support services, and labeling apply to online products.

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